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Invest ecologically and sustainably.
Unique plastics recycling.

Over-the-counter purchase of shares
Invest in the future
Huge market potential
Positive cash flow right from the start

Detailed documents on ENESPA AG's share capital increase


This technology solves our plastic waste problem

ENESPA AG will commission one of the first facilities to process mixed plastic waste into high-quality paraffin oil using the thermolysis process. For the first time, this technology enables a lucrative circular economy of mixed plastic waste without producing CO2 emissions.
Our modular system only requires 1 hour for the heating process, which is crucial for the system to run economically (large systems need up to several days).
With our partner, we have 3 years’ experience in the continuous operation of thermolysis facilities.

The testing procedure for the first 1,000 kg/day module started in the middle of 2021, and will be followed by the construction of the first facility with a capacity of 8,000 kg/day. The first facility is already generating positive cash flow. Our goal is to have ten facilities in operation with a total processing capacity of 50,000 kg/day by the end of 2022. This means that we are taking a step towards meeting the huge demand for plastics recycling. By investing in shares, you will be a part of ENESPA’s success.

There are already supplier contracts for properly processed plastic waste amounting to more than 60,000 tonnes per year and purchase contracts for the paraffin oil for unlimited quantities. The thermolysis technology of our partner Biofabrik has been in use for more than 3 years and the company Dirninger is currently building our facility.

Several sites are very interested in operating the first facility. Various places are in the final round of official authorisation. The test operation for the first recycling module of 1,000 kg/day is underway. We have been declared eligible and are at the end stage of final approval.

The “Schwarze Pumpe” site is one of the preferred locations for the first facility. The state of Saxony and the EU have the declared goal of significantly developing this industrial site. Accordingly, ENESPA can benefit from this. The project was presented to the local development bank, which declared it eligible for funding.
Approval in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) process is now a prerequisite for subsequent commitment to financial support.
This application is in progress.

Managing Director Cyrill Hugi says:

“For the first time, we are offering investors the chance to be very close to the future market of plastics recycling. With our thermolysis process, we have developed exactly what the future needs: huge amounts of plastic will not simply disappear, e.g. in the sea or in landfills, nor will they be incinerated, but will be recycled cleanly and sensibly into high-quality paraffin oil.”

Share capital increase

  • From June 2021, 950,000 shares with a nominal value of CHF 1.00 per share are being offered for sale. The current share price is indicated on the subscription form.
  • Issuance is overseen and controlled by the licensed auditing firm Moore Stephens Expert (Zurich) AG
  • Packages of 1,000 shares

Through the over-the-counter sale of shares, investors can participate in the huge potential of this recycling technology.


  • Several locations in Germany are already interested in facilities
  • 60,000 tonnes of raw material per year are contractually secured
  • The project has been classified as eligible by the local development bank
  • Central components of the system are patented or in process of being patented.

Project progress

The progress of the project will be described and updated online on an ongoing basis. The status of the work at the end of August 2021:

  • The first industrially manufactured 1,000 kg/day module has been successfully running in test operation since May 2021
  • The approval procedure according to the BImSchV (Federal Immission Control Regulation) for the prioritised site is in the final phase. Eligibility for approval has already been granted
  • The first 8-module industrial facility is under construction and will be commissioned by the end of 2021 at the latest.

Lucrative recycling market – available to you as a private investor for the first time

The acceptance procedure for the first 1,000 kg/day module started at the beginning of 2021. The goal is to operate ten facilities with a total capacity of 50,000 kg/day by the end of 2022.

Projections of income statement by facility and per year
in euros

 10 facilities20 facilities
40 facilities
Proceeds of sale of oil5'110'00010'220'000
Proceeds of the acceptance of plastics1'752'000
Total proceeds of sale6'862'000
Personnel costs216'000
Operating costs2'775'702
Interest, tax378'000
Net revenue per year2'442'2984'865'3969'946'192

Development of the enterprise value per year,
depending on the number of facilities
in CHF

 10 facilities
20 facilities
40 facilities
Total net revenue per year2'588'8355'157'31910'542'963
Company value with
7% risk premium

The operation of ENESPA’s recycling facilities has enormous financial potential.
(in millions of CHF)

Basis for the forecast shown above

  • 12-20 employees for the operation of 10-40 facilities
  • Sales revenue of 350 euros per tonne of paraffin oil
  • Revenue of 120 euros for the purchase of one tonne of plastic waste


  • Legal form:
    Joint-stock company
  • Industrial sector:
    Plastics recycling and facility construction
  • Market:
  • Start R&D:
  • Registered Office:

Executive Board
Cyrill René Hugi, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO
Fed. Dipl. Engineering BBA, Executive MBA, Boston University

Stefan Abele, Executive Board Member and COO
Medical Studies, Munich

Oliver Riedel, Executive Board Member and CTO
Entrepreneur in the recycling technology industry

Christian Hörler, Executive Board Member and CFO
MAS in Banking & Finance, University of Zurich

Unique selling point
Modular industrial-scale recycling system, which returns plastics to their origin through continuous processing in a closed CO2-neutral system. The result is a high-quality paraffin oil that can be reused in the process of producing new, including white, plastic products. In this way, waste itself is changed back into being a raw material. True up-cycling!

Telephone: +41 (0)71 511 22 41
Email: info@enespa.eu
Web: www.enespa.eu

Invest in a sustainable and ecologically
sensible way
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